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Our Complications
Warranty  Conditions

We are confident in our surgical outcomes at Cùmath. Because of this we are offering a surgical warranty on a wide range orthopaedic, spinal and soft tissue procedures (for a comprehensive list go to our Pricing page). The following conditions apply to our warranties:

Cùmath Pet Surgeons, black and white collie

1.     ‘Post-surgical complications’ are defined as those presented to us within six calendar months of the original surgery.  

2.     While we always provide our best estimate of prognosis, be aware that a failure to achieve an expected, or hoped-for outcome is not necessarily indicative of a complication. 

3.     All post-surgical complications must be presented, without undue delay, to Cùmath Pet Surgeons, or to the primary care vet who originally referred your pet to us. This warranty will cover only those treatments performed at Cùmath Pet Surgeons

4.     We can accept no responsibility for treatment performed, or costs incurred, at other veterinary practices or elsewhere. This includes visits to other veterinary practices or emergency providers. 

5.     The responsibility for transporting your pet to and from our hospital, including costs incurred, remains the owner’s. 

6.     This warranty is activated with settlement of the invoice (in accordance with our normal terms) for the original surgical procedure and does not impair your statutory rights. 

7.     Previously undiagnosed conditions that become evident during or soon after treatment are not included in this warranty.

8.       The warranty only directly covers the surgery performed and does not cover any anaesthetic related complications or conditions affecting a different anatomical location or system.

9.       The warranty does not cover ongoing treatment for problems associated with the condition being treated- for example arthritis medication, chemotherapy or other medical managements.

10.    The time period of the warranty is for complications occurring within the first 6 months and the time period for treatment to be applied occurs within the first year of the original surgery. 

11.    If an accelerometer has been given to you to place on your pet’s collar the warranty is only active if the accelerometer is being used and kept charged. The accelerometer is used to provide an objective measurement of recovery and help with identifying causes of complications.

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