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For Referring Vets

Why refer to us? 

1: We will provide a high standard of care

2: Complications warranty

3: Fixed prices

4: Free CPD, advice and mentoring

5: Remote practice support scheme


Standard of care

Our surgical team is run by two advanced practitioners in small animal surgery. Our surgeons are experienced in orthopaedic, soft tissue and spinal surgery. Diagnostics are aided with a brand new CT scanner, with excellent image quality. Surgical procedures are aided using state of the art equipment such as in-house 3D printing, arthroscopy and operating microscopy. 


Complications warranty

Unfortunately complications will happen in a proportion of cases- this is because there are a huge number of variables involved in every case. Even in apparently routine cases, complications can occur. At Cùmath Pet Surgeons we believe that our complication rate is low enough to enable us to offer a complications warranty, which means that we will deliver what medical or surgical treatments are available to us, within our practice, to remedy any complication. 


Fixed Prices

We believe wide varieties in estimates given to owners, or estimates differing greatly from the end price are unacceptable to many pet owners. For this reason we have adopted a fixed price system-you will be quoted a price and this is what you will be asked to pay. 


Free CPD

We will organise regular CPD events that are free to attend for vets who work at practices that regularly refer to Cùmath Pet Surgeons.

We will also organise quarterly morbidity and mortality meetings that vets from referring practices will be encouraged to attend. These meetings will take the format of us sharing our own complications and what we have learned from them, and will also give a platform for referring vets to present their own complicated cases. This is intended to provide a confidential, non-judgemental, and supportive forum where we can all learn and support each other with the result of us all getting better results.

We will also offer free mentoring to regularly referring practices, where they have vets wishing to improve their surgical experience.


Remote practice support scheme

For remote practices that  regularly refer to us we can offer occasional site visits to see non-emergency cases for consultations to form diagnostic or treatment  plans. We can also offer assistance with surgical planning for cases where travel for referral is not possible. For clients arriving by ferry, if given sufficient warning, we will try and provide a complimentary “pick-up” service and help you find local accommodation.

Cùmath Pet Surgeons, grey cat

At Cùmath Pet Surgeons we welcome referrals from other vets. We ensure that patients receive the highest possible level of care and attention, keeping referring vets informed of their patients' progress throughout the referral process. You can trust our experienced team to take excellent care of your referred patients.

Cùmath Pet Surgeons, lurchers
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